3 tips for a fantastic summer prep

An enviable tan, a fresh look, and complete summer relaxation aren't achieved just by grabbing some last-minute sunscreen from the nearest beach shop. Like everything in life, summer needs a bit of prep and planning.

And while it's tempting to rely on the blazing sun, sunscreen, and a forgiving mirror to do all the work... we often miss the real tricks to perfect skin before, during, and after holidays.

The good news? You don’t need to cram your suitcase with loads of cosmetics or mess up your beach or pool plans with complicated skincare routines. Today, we're sharing 3 tips to pack something Ryanair doesn’t charge for (yet): a fresh face for your best summer ever.


1. Exfoliation: the best-kept secret for a long-lasting tan

Contrary to popular belief, exfoliation gets your skin ready for tanning before you hit the sun and helps keep an even, long-lasting tan afterwards.

By getting rid of dead skin cells, the sun hits younger skin cells that will stick around for almost a month. This stops you from peeling too soon and keeps your tan looking fresh.

That's why we suggest starting today with our Coffee Crush, using it 2-3 times a week. It combines physical exfoliation (coffee) and chemical exfoliation (salicylic acid) to deeply cleanse pores, blackheads, pimples, and other nasties without drying out your skin. You'll be ready to take off with skin smoother than silk, standing out in selfies and sunset snaps.


2. Shine-free moisturization: to wake up looking fresh every day

While hydration is key all year round, it’s a must as we gear up for long days in the sun, heat, and humidity.

Dry, sunburnt skin can lead to flakiness, sensitivity, and spots – things that can stick around well into September if not sorted in time, especially for those with oily skin who might dodge moisturisers to avoid feeling greasy.

That’s why your second summer essential should be our Dragon Shot water-cream moisturiser. Its formula, with hyaluronic acid, ginseng, and dragon's blood extract, hydrates the skin, controls shine, and fights oxidation. It absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling fresh, making it perfect for daily use even on the hottest days.

3. Tan Before, During, and After: Sun Protection and Aftersun Care

We could tell you to avoid sunbathing, but let’s be real – you won’t listen.

So the best move is to use sunscreen for all your outdoor plans. Our Handsomefyer SUN combines SPF50 broad-spectrum protection (UVA+UVB) with a tone-matching effect that hides imperfections and instantly enhances your appearance.

And after a day in the sun or by the pool, aftersun is a must. Choose our Melonizer to speed up skin repair, soothe burns, and double the lifespan and depth of your tan. With a refreshing melon and watermelon scent and a lightweight gel texture that sinks in fast – it’s the perfect summer cocktail to end your day with extra chill.

In conclusion, nailing that enviable look before, during, and after summer doesn’t need a degree or months of practice. Exfoliate, hydrate, protect... and enjoy. With these three simple tricks, you can keep your skin in top shape and rock that Miami beach look while having a blast.