Matte or Juicy: picking the make-up finish that suits your Lovely face best😊

In the skincare and cosmetics  world, we often hear terms like 'matte' 🍑, 'juicy'💧, 'glowy'✨, ... that we don't quite understand or they sound a bit empty. Today, we're talking about what they actually mean: what will suit your beautiful face, what to look for to make the most of it, and how to play with both depending on the occasion. But don't worry, the aim here is to avoid looking oily or dry as a bone. Let's dive in!

What's a matte finish?

A matte finish in cosmetics is all about the absence of any shine. It's a polished, velvety, smooth effect... like a peach's bottom. It's quite appealing to those looking to minimize the appearance of imperfections (hello, uneven skin texture) and control facial oils. It was the beauty standard in the 90s (think Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer era) and represents a clean🫧, classic 🕴️, timeless⌛and elegant beauty🧐.

It's also the finish seen on ALL your favourite actors from TV shows and movies, as well as TV presenters. They opt for it to minimize the unwanted effect of flashes and other artificial lights reflecting on their faces, making them shine brighter than your mum's mobile screen.

In order to achieve a matte finish on your lovely face, you can use products like our Dragon Shot facial moisturiser with shine-control technology for up to 8 hours, or Handsomefyer, an all-in-one solution (moisturiser, treatment, concealer, sunscreen, ...) which also offers this finish in its standard version.

What's the deal with a juicy finish?

A juicy finish is all about mimicking the look of freshly hydrated, dewy (like morning dew, you know?) and naturally illuminated skin... without stepping into full-on shiny territory. This finish aims to enhance the appearance of skin at its peak vitality using nourishing and moisturising ingredients, like a bean that's been soaking overnight.

It's the go-to finish for TikTokers, Instagrammers, beauty influencers, and the current Korean beauty standard. Although it goes by many similar names with subtle variations (dewy finish, glowy finish, chok-chok, cloud-skin, glass-skin, ...), they all aim for the same thing: your skin resembling a perfectly roasted chicken (juicy and all) rather than a dry, oil-free chicken breast cooked on the grill.🍗

For a juicy and natural finish, you can use products from our range that enhance your skin's natural appearance without feeling heavy or greasy, like our Tan-Tan-Go day serum, packed with antioxidants and giving your skin that healthy summer glow as if you just returned from vacation. Also, Handsomefyer XTRA (the all-in-one perfectioner) provides that juicy finish, like watermelon🍉 on the beach🏖️ or a freshly picked strawberry🍓 from the poolside.🏊‍♂️

Mate vs. Juicy, the Ultimate Choice

Having understood the  different aspects, the choice between one and the other then boils down to three factors:

Duration ➡️

A matte finish can last you up to 8 hours without needing touch-ups, perfect for oily skin types or those preferring a shine-free effect. On the other hand, a juicy finish is all about looking hydrated and dewy all day long, so it may require a bit more maintenance.

The plan at hand➡️

If your plans involve indoor activities or evening outings, a juicy finish adds a playful touch. It's also great for presentations or events where you need to liven up a tired, zombie-like face from the week, while still appearing 'natural'. If you'll be outdoors or in a warm, humid environment, matte is your go-to. Plus, if there will be photos or direct light on your face, matte is the way to go.

Your skin and your hang-ups➡️

The hang-ups of those who've battled with oily skin always lead them to seek matte finishes to combat those dreaded shines. On the other end, those dealing with dry skin or noticing dehydration over the years prefer the juicy team.

In summary, juicy or matte, and whatever floats your boat

The words hardly matter, and all finishes have their moment, preferences, and benefits. What really matters is how you feel, what you feel like doing, and how far you want to go. Demystifying and understanding the options is just the first step in the final challenge: navigating towards understanding what suits you best and what you like the most.

And we don't like to choose when we can have it all.

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