What star wars taught me about cosmetics

People go all out with Star Wars themed weddings, life lessons, and Death Star Lego collections.⭐ Since history belongs to those who interpret it, today, on Star Wars Day, we're revisiting iconic Star Wars quotes with a cosmetic twist. 🤓

10 Famous Star Wars Quotes Reimagined with a Cosmetics Twist – SIWON

1. Do or do not. There is no try. (Master Yoda)

Yoda is one who didn't try to rejuvenate his face with retinol like the one in our Wowyoung serum. But if he had really used it, after a month straight, he would've seen results with a smoother face than a kettle drum

2. Act only when you can maintain balance. (Luke Skywalker)

A 10-step routine is excessive; just soap isn't bad, but it falls short. To level up in balance and stoic moderation, virtue is always there. A few (few) actives in the exact proportions your skin needs, and we guarantee lasting effects.

3. We're going to win this war not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love! (Rose Tico)

In other words: there's absolutely nothing wrong with your skin, and there's no need to stress about 'fixing' anything. You're awesome just the way you are, and that doesn't stop you from wanting to enhance what you have.

4.Only a Sith deals in absolute. (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

There is no such thing as perfect skin. Perfection is a meaningless ideal. This whole skin thing (like everything else in life) is about progress and improvement day by day.

5.Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. (Kylo Ren)

The trauma of acne, the fear of being stuck with another cream that leaves your face 'greasy'... if we had stayed anchored in the past, we wouldn't have created Siwon, and our users wouldn't have given this whole face care thing a definitive try.

6. You must unlearn what you have learned. (Yoda)

Impossible ingredients  to pronounce, before and after promises with more touch-ups than Sonia and Selena's album covers. Skincare and cosmetics are much less complex than they're made out to be and much more rational, simple, and accessible

7. You like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life. (Han Solo)

Or a reminder: those of us who weren't blessed with Henry Cavill's genetics had to rely on charm, charisma, and a little ego boost to make us... handsome?... not, decent-looking.

8. It's against my programming to impersonate a deity. (C3PO)

And it's against Siwon's vibe to talk to you like we're gurus, teachers, or prophets... because it's cringey, because you already have others trying to force their routines on you, and because our style, like C3PO's, is more laid-back, like a helpful buddy who tells you the truth straight up, without  filters.

9.The fear of loss is a path to the dark side (Master Yoda)

Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.  The master used to say, "I sense much fear in you.
And that's what we feel like writing in response to the comments from nature nazis, misinformed folks, and other Twitter haters. But we prefer the light side of the Force; enjoyment and good vibes instead of spreading cosmetic fears.

10. You know, sometimes I amaze even myself. (Han Solo)

Or how we love looking in the mirror one day and feeling really good about ourselves. A little bit of vanity never hurt anyone, and it's surely one of the lesser sins that also spurs action.



We could tell you never to leave home without sunscreen so you don't end up with a face like Darth Vader's, or that the force is with you but the cream's got your back.

But for today, we'll leave it at that as we've got a marathon of geeky movies,🎬 a Smash gaming session,🎮 and a skincare routine waiting for us.



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