The #drama of oily skin and a shiny forehead 🌟💦

If there's one thing about men's skin that makes us sweat every year... it's oily skin.

Feeling stickier than the fryer at McDonald's, shinier than the napkins at a beach bar after some chistorra tapas, more reflective than the bumper stickers at the funfair or your mum's phone in the cinema...

And where there’s shine, there's everything that comes with it: blackheads, enlarged pores, the feeling of walking around with a lubricated face...

That's why today we're putting on our lab coats ⚗️ to explain why you have oily skin and how you can take care of it so you're not walking around with a sign on your forehead that screams "soaked!"

I have very oily skin, is that normal or should I be worried?

Oily... as in... "could you fry an egg on your forehead?" Let's start by talking properly...

Scientific mood in 3, 2, 1... 🔬

FACT: generally speaking (statistics, not sociology or gender theory), men have oilier and more seborrheic skin than women. Seborrheic comes from sebum—a mix of wax, sugar, fatty acids... which, like the car's 'lubricant' oil, protects us from seizing up; basically, it makes everything slide off (external aggressions, haters' comments, etc.). That's why our skin is 24/7 producing sebum to ensure that line of defense. However, when we overdo it on 'defenses,' that's what we call excess sebum or oily skin.

On the plus side: you're full of defenses and it'll take longer for wrinkles to show.

On the downside: aesthetically, we don't like it, and it usually comes with very visible pores, blackheads... basically, skin that's shinier than a butcher's handle... ☎️

Why me? 😭

Mate, you shine... because you're a radiant being. That and because there are a handful of causes you can blame for having oily skin:

  • Genetics: like in therapy, it's usually mum and dad's fault.
  • Environment: city life, humid climate, hot season, and outdoor activities that make you sweat = more concentration of essence than a cyclist's seat.
  • Hormonal changes: puberty or certain times of the year, etc.
  • Diet: sugar, fat, and alcohol... it shows on your face.
  • The almighty stress: once again...

That said, even if you can't get rid of family, city, or habits... cosmetics have invented a series of effective remedies against your shine.

1, 2, 3 steps to care for your face if you have oily skin

  • Clean without drying out ´

As your mum used to say: a clean face is worth more than 1000 nudes... well, maybe she didn't say that, but the moral and advice are the same.

However, don't rely on Fairy or harsh soaps that leave you like a lizard... contrary to popular belief, your skin will end up compensating for the 'aggression' with more oil and more shine.

Better something specific for your face, that washes away shine, oil, bacteria, sweat, dirt, and all your worries, but also provides hydration, like our super pore unclogging Splash Foam Party.

  • Deep exfoliation for blackheads and clogged pores

A good exfoliation will make your pores look smaller and give you that "I feel you" effect that you love. Exfoliating removes the layer of dead 'cells' that accumulate on the surface, brings out the 'fit' layers, and sends a clear message to your skin: get to work!

When you try our salicylic acid exfoliator Coffee Crush, which fights blemishes and blackheads, shine, and open pores with rich ingredients and a morning coffee scent, you'll be hooked on using it daily... without damaging your skin along the way.

  • Finish with a boost of shine-free hydration

After exfoliating, boost with a moisturiser.

Yes, oily skin ALWAYS needs hydration. Dehydrated oily skin will produce more and more sebum in an endless cycle. You just need to MATCH with the right moisturiser that doesn't leave a sticky feeling. 🧴

And if we may suggest an EPIC recommendation...
Our Dragon Shot moisturiser is literally made to face your daily battles while banishing shine with a matte result, so you don't reflect in shop windows when you're out conquering the world.

And if all this starts to appeal to you...

You'll #AbsolutelyLove our Morning Glory Pack, a turbo-package with: cleanser, anti-blemish exfoliator, and moisturiser. The ultimate anti-shine pack 😎 for men who enjoy life and don't want to miss out on a good getaway or spontaneous plan, no matter how much the shine on their forehead and cheeks complain.

Don't let oily skin dull your bling-bling 💖

There's nothing more common than having shine, oil, imperfections... on your face.

But there's no shine in the world that can overshadow your desire to take care of yourself, feel great in your skin, and go out turning heads while dazzling with that face. ❤️‍🔥



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