The Top 10 typical questions men have about skincare 🤔

How we break the ice, how they slide into our DMs, what they say the first time... It's not about acting all high and mighty, boasting that folks are splurging on us with super likes; it's just that we've got a fair few DMs under our belt and the topics keep cropping up. Fancy knowing what's the most common thing they ask us about creams? Well, here you go:

For the rookies, the lazy, and the hesitant🤓



1. Why should I bother with skincare?🧴

    Because achieving good skin is much easier and more attractive than working on killer abs or a captivating personality. Do you need to 'get on it'? Yes, just like when you decide to eat healthier, try to sleep more during the week, or exercise. But it's much #bloodysimple and gratifying in front of the mirror.


    2. Will I notice visible changes?🔎

      If you use effective ingredients, in concentrations proven by clinical trials and consistently... your skin will change and look better: younger, fitter, more gorgeous, healthier, with fewer wrinkles, fewer bags, and no pimples or dryness. Because science WORKS.


      3. Isn't this whole thing too complicated and time-consuming?⌛

        We're going to ask you for less time than your toothbrush, less commitment than your dentist, and less focus than when you make your morning coffee. 30 seconds in the morning (max), 30 seconds at night. Done.


        4. Aren't supermarket creams enough for me?

          They're enough... for 'supermarket' results. If you have a pharmacist friend, a dermatologist, a cosmetologist, or an esthetician, ask them where they get their creams and why. Typically, supermarket creams use cheaper ingredients at low concentrations. Otherwise, they couldn't offer those prices.

          For those who want cream... but aren't sure about us 🤔



          5. But is it really necessary to use specific products for men?😃

            Grab the product that you enjoy the most and find it easiest to repeat. Ours are designed for skins that shave, have a beard, tend to shine and be oily, have thick skin with enlarged pores and layers of accumulated keratinocytes. If, on top of that, you dig the delicious citrus scents without feeling overwhelmed and the lightweight textures that make it seem like you're applying water, you should give us a try.


            6. I've tried other brands that claimed to have actives and they didn't work for me at all... why do yours work?🦸

              Mate, like in love or your favorite pizza... you gotta keep trying until you find what works for you. We're not the only brand out there using active ingredients in the right concentrations, but three things set us apart: our textures, our scents, and our customer service... which talks to you straight, no fuss or turns. Like your best mate over a few pints. Boosting you up when needed and telling you what's best for you so you can level up, no excuses.


              7. But there are also other brands that claim to be designed for men's skin. Why are you different?

                We're not impartial, but we have over 50,000 satisfied blokes, over 4 years OBSESSED with asking and interviewing dozens of men every week to speak firsthand about their hang-ups, needs, lifestyle... and our faces are falling off from trying everything out there to improve it. We've done the hard work so you can just enjoy and get down to it.

                The ones who go straight to the point 😏



                8. What are the basic products I should have in my male beauty arsenal?⚔️

                  Let's start with the MEGA basics. First off, you need a gentle facial cleanser to get rid of the dirt, excess oil, and regrets from the day. Then, a good facial moisturizer. Once you've got that down... then we step it up a notch.


                  9. How can I combat oily skin without drying it out too much?🌞

                    Back to the mega basics: cleanse without drying and hydrate. I don't care if you have sensitive skin, you still clean it. I don't care if you have oily skin; you still moisturize it. Get a gentle facial cleanser like this one and an oil-free, water-cream textured moisturizer like this one so you don't stress. Going for the top grade? - add sebum-regulating actives like the salicylic acid in our coffee crush.

                    10. What's the best way to prevent and treat wrinkles, expression lines, and dark circles?🐼
                      There you go sir, superficially, hydrated skin will appear smoother, plumper, firmer, and wrinkle-free. So don't leave the house without using a good moisturizer. But the pro-game is about stimulating collagen production, which, in the factory that is your skin, starts to slow down from the age of 20. You prevent it by applying sunscreen and antioxidants. You combat it with vitamin A and its derivatives (like retinol) and peptides (like the ones in this one for your eyes).

                      No further questions, Your Honour 🤐


                      Bet you've had one of these (or still do). You're not alone. We're a legion of lost souls at some point. You might end up buying from us or not, but when in doubt... just ask 😉

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