Tips to look sharp at a wedding 💒🕺

The Weddings season is officially open.😀 With the arrival of spring, the machinery is set in motion to fill your weekends with events and empty your wallet with gifts.

These family gatherings, whether near or far, are also the perfect opportunity to show off how well life treats you and how handsome you are (and how lucky you are to live far away from them... 😅). That's why, to flaunt your best self, today we bring you a handful or ten of manual tricks to survive the weddings season 24 of family.💒


One Week Before the Celebration:⌛

    You knew you had this event 6-9 months ago, and yet, the rush still catches up with you. Inevitable. The non-negotiable minimums are:

    1) Schedule an appointment at your trusted hair salon 2-4 days prior (so your mother doesn't notice the "freshly cut" effect).

    2) Dust off your suit from the closet to make sure it still fits, or summon the emergency powers of Richard Branson.

    3) Get rid of your Casper-like winter face with our Tan-Tan-Go self-tanning serum. If you start using it on Monday, by the weekend wedding, you'll have an extra shade of tan, which always helps generate envy.


    The Big Day:🎉

      Even if you're someone who only needs 15 minutes to get ready on any given Monday, an eventful day calls for some self-care and indulgence. A long shower, a hearty breakfast to last until cocktail hour...

      Most importantly, set aside half an hour for the finishing touches that will make all the difference: sunglasses (you might think they're too informal... but no one has ever regretted wearing them before, during, or the morning after a wedding), freshly polished shoes, and a little touch-up on the face with our Banzeye  eye contour to disguise those raccoon-like dark circles and our Handsomefyer  all-in-one perfector to instantly raise your level of handsomeness and look like a cover model in photos and stories.


      The Return Home:🛏️

      Remember: getting home… is your one and only main goal. Save-battery mode ON.🪫 Prepare your survival kit on the bedside table: Ibuprofens, a bottle of Fiji Water, and a late-night snack spot 'just in case'. When you come back to life, go slow-mo, as Channel would say: a resurrecting mask (like our Heroes Recharging Mask) and a loooong shower won't make the fatigue and headache disappear, but your face and body will thank you.


      📝Bonus Track: Advanced Tips📝

      Bonus track (for advanced players only), assuming you've internalized the basic tips for surviving season 24 of Weddings, here are a couple of secret level tricks:


      • Lunch is a marathon...🏃‍♂️

      not a sprint. 'Cocktail hour is the best'... No, johnny, no. The truth is, you're just greedy, you stuff yourself with canapés and croquettes and never make it to the main course.

      • Greetings to the family and commitments at the BEGINNING.👋

      Get them out of the way so you can spend the rest of the day/night with whomever you want and in whatever state you decide.

      • Choose your approach to the open bar wisely:🍷

      either the 70-year-old lady (then you have the right to inaugurate it, but you have to dance the initial quickstep and catch the first bus) or the long-haul (let others give themselves away first... you have a long night ahead).

      • Always have a glass of water between drinks.🫗

      • Only after midnight 🌃

      You´re allowed to give it your all on the dance floor like Jennifer Lopez did to Pitbull. Before that hour, it's possible, but you risk being live-streamed on TikTok or IG.

      • Have an exit plan🚪

      If you don't trust your judgment after certain hours, check the bus schedule or buddy up with someone at your designated smoke bomb hour. Your body for the next 3 days will thank you.


      In short, weddings are a super enjoyable time that, with a little planning and strategy, give you the perfect excuse to unleash your best dance moves on the dance floor. Embrace them and enjoy!

      P.S. This week's blog is sponsored by our Secret Pack which includes Coffe Crush (scrub so you won't get pimples on THAT important day), Tan-Tan-Go (to get a tan before crossing the altar), and Handsomefyer Xtra (for breathtaking photos). Day, afternoon, or night event… let your face triumph and enjoy it.